That Which is Forgotten

Little Willy's plot thickens!

The Cheese of Legend!

After looting a holy symbol and some gold from Silvia’s cart, the group took out the legendary cheese, and brought it to Willy. “Now tha’s wha ah’m talkin’ about! You’re already back! So? Where’s the cheese?!”

Merric pulls it from his pocket, but quickly cuts a slice of for himself. “This is all we could get.” Merric calmly says.

Willy’s face twists a bit. “Hmm. It’s no very much, ba ah guess it’ll doo. Right, now before I can pay ya, ya must do one more thin. Go find Marco the Dairy wizard. He’s an old friend of mine, and he’ll help my reverse engineer this specimen.”

Reluctantly, the party leaves to find this Marco. They’d traveled west for about half a day when they found an old run down cottage. They went inside and were hit with a cheesy smell, only this one was putrid. Rotten cheese and ingredients were sprawled out all over the room. A small figure got of the floor and looked at the group. “Oh! Guests! Let me get you something to eat!” It was a gnome, a strange sight to see this far from the Far Western Edge. He was a head shorter than Merric.

“We’re not here for cheese. Little Willy needs your help making some cheese.” Houdyn said, mater of factly.

Marco looks at the ground and says quietly, “I would love to go, but I’m expect someone… whom I expect may be dead… or not. You see my nephew’s village burned down a week ago and I have yet to hear from him. If you could go see if he is alright, I’ll come with you. He should be easy to find, he’s a gnome that wears a golden ring. I got it for him for his birthday many years ago.”

As the party advanced to the village, they heard voices coming from down the road. Roland hid in the trees, Merric jumped behind a boulder, and Houdyn stayed in the middle of the road. "I"ll be the distraction." He whispers to his comrades.

“Yeah, the boss is crazy! I say we just get the he… Wait! Who are you?!” the voices were coming from human bandits. They drew their maces and prepared for battle. As far as they knew it was 3 against 1. But as they advanced forward, they were hit with a wall of psychic energy from Roland, and Houdyn followed it up with a fiery eldritch blast. One of them got a good hit in on Houdyn and knocked him back a bit, but as the front two assualted him the third bandit noticed Roland hiding in the trees. Before he could get to him, Merrics dagger met him. The bandit gave him a swing of the mace, but the nimble halfling leaned back to dodge it.

Roland assaulted one bandits mind, weakening him for Houdyn to finish him with his hellish rebuke. As the bandit’s corpse melted away, his ally’s anger burned against houdyn, but before he could swing his mace, a streak of light flew at him and burned his arm. Houdyn turned to see a Deva standing behind him in the road. Rolan distracted the bandit in the back long enough for Merric to run after the other still breathing bandit, but his attack did not hit its mark. The other bandit realized the halfling had fled and came up to him and picked him up in a grapple. Houdyn tried to help his friend, but he had another bandit to worry about. The bandit swang his mace with ferocity toppling Houdyn over slightly. The Deva spoken a prayer from a book and Houdyn felt his wounds healing. Meanwhile, Merric was struggling to get out of the grasp of the bandit when suddenly, his captures nose started leaking blood, then his ears. The man fell over dead. Roland had sent a barrage of mental pulse that reduced the bandits brains to mush.

The last bandit, realizing he was now 1 against 4 tried to escape, but Roland threw his spear, and pinned the man to a tree. “Where are the rest of you? How many of you are there? Tell me or prepare to die!” Houdyn spoke harshly.

“I swear I’m done with banditry!” The beaten man said, “The boss went crazy ever since he got that staff. He’s been burning people up! There’s about 20 of us! Now please don’t kill me!” The bandit cried.

Roland removes the spear, then stabs him with it. The man dies.

“That was an unnecessary death, we should work to prevent such things.” Speaks the Deva. He is robes, and has a bag full of book and scrolls.

“And who are you, purple man?” Roland joked.

The deva looked at the corpse for a moment, then back at Roland. “I am Fimbultyr, the archivist. and I have much more important things to do than killing those who are begging for their life.”

AS he turns around to walk away, Merric speaks up. “Hey, take this,” He throws the holy symbol at Fimbultyr, “I think you’ll find it more useful than us. If you’re ever looking for some adventure, come find us.”

Fimbultyr bows and walks away.

The group decided to make camp for the night. As they are resting by a camp fire, a noise comes from the bushes. They prepared their weapons for a fight. An old man came out of the thicket, holding a spear in his hand.

“Who are you and what do you want?” Roland cautiously asked.

“My name is Davven Firstborn, and I’m looking for something to do. Ever since I was awoken by that Deva I’ve been hunting and honing my skills. I’m ready to test them. I must be on the top of my game for when my time of vengeance is at hand.”

When the group neared the village, they saw that it was reduced to ashes. Merric sneaked through the gate to the only building left standing. While he motioned for the party to come over, a man flew from the building screaming and burning. He fell over, and was quiet. When the rest of the party caught up, they looked the window and saw that the room was full of bandits, with a leader sitting on the throne in the end of the room. He held in his hand a staff with a flame on the tip. While they were watching the men, the chief made direct eye contact with Roland. He lift the staff and a blast of flame destroyed the wall the party was behind. As they got up from the blast, they saw a dozen men running at them. Houdyn sent his eldritch blast at one and ended him. Merric stabbed one and ran behind the wall. As a bandit tailed him, Merric turned around and placed a dagger in his eye. While the fight ensued, Roland noticed the leader was wearing a golden ring.

“The Chief has the ring!” Roland shouted.

Suddenly he saw a battle axe swing at him. it slashed his arm. Davven saw an open spot and told Merric to hit the bandit with the axe. He turned around and picked up the halfling, but Merric escaped his grip. “Kill them!” The Chief said as he shot flames at everyone in the room, including his men.

One after another, the bandits fell. As Houdyn fought, he saw Merric fall unconscious to the ground. He set aflame the bandit wielding the battle axe, and helped his friend up. The building was burning as the fight continued. The chief came down from his throne to battle. He sent more flames throughout the room. As he did so, the ropes keeping the chandelier suspended met the flame. It fell, and hit the chief. He got up enraged and surrounded by the group. His men were dead. In desperation, he made an explosion pulse from the staff burning everyone. But the reverb broke the building’s final support and it came crashing down. When the smoke cleared, Davven threw the rubble off of himself. He looked around and saw Merric removing the ring from the Chief’s burning corpse.

“Let’s get back to Marco.”



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