That Which is Forgotten

The Beginning

The Cheese of Legend!

Houdyn and Merric found themselves in a small town called Dunmere. They were directed here by a flier, promising a cash reward for volunteers. The task was unknown, but this “Little Willy” was making some pretty big promises as a reward. “Riches and fame!” It read, “You’ll have more money then you’ll know what to do with!”

In the square they see a human, with a spear slung on his back and the same flier in his hand. “Excuse me,” Merric the Halfling asks, “Do you have any idea where we might find little Willy?”

The human replies, “I’m actually looking for him too. My name is Roland.” He extends his hand for a shake, but it goes unreceived. The Half-elf glares at him. “Well, on any account, I think we should join forces. Something tells me this task won’t be as easy as advertised.”

“We would be glad to have you. I’m Merric and this is Houdyn.” The Halfing states.

They then notice a villager leave a building. A sign next to it reads, “Little Willy’s Cheese”. When they go in, their nostrils are assaulted by the over powering cheesy aroma. They see people seated all over the room, eating cheese and drinking wines. “Ah! Please come in and get comfay, ah’ll be wit yoo in a secund!” Shouts a husky figure from behind the counter.

“I take it you’re little Willy?” Roland said as he approached the counter. “We’re here about this job offer. What does it entail, exactly?”

“Straight ta the point, ah like et! Well, ya see, millenia ago, back when the dragons ruled, they made mortals do lots o’ stuff for them. Building monuments, leveling forests, and cooking delicacies. It was then that the ancient cooks wer able ta make a legendary cheese… of legend! Said to taste so good tha dragons themselves demanded it by the ton every day! Now, the recipe was lost for years, ba someone has some o’ the cheese. Silvia The Cheese Merchant in Reldaville has it! Get it and bring it back ta me, and little Willy will make ya rich! Hahaha!”

So the party set off to find Silvia. When they arrived in Reldaville, they found her nearly instantly. She was peddling her cheese just inside the gates. “Please, you’ll be robbing yourself of an exquisite experience if you don’t buy my cheese! I’ve got the best in the land!”

“What is your best product?” Merric asked her, spying a particularly elevated slice on the cart.

“I have the cheese of legend! The most amazing food ever crafted, and it can be yours for only 80,000 gold!”

“How about we just take the cheese of you for free?” Houdyn said to intimidate her, but Silvia Stood her ground and threatened to call the guards. The group thought it would be best to distance themselves from her and come up with a strategy.

Later, in the Inn, they got a tip from a halfling that Silvia just locks her cheese inside her cart at night and leaves it chained in place. From that they derived a plan. They waited until nightfall, then set the plan in motion. Houdyn went to a nearby stable and frightened the stable boy looking after a lone horse. While he prepared the transportation, Roland convinced the guards that they were moving their cart out of town that night and need the gates to be open. As Merric heard the guards call to open the gate, and saw Houdyn approaching with the horse, he picked the lock to the chain keeping Silvia’s cart in place. Quickly, they attached the cart to the horse, and galloped out of town. The guards noticed they had stolen the cart, but after soon pursuit, gave up and went back to their duties.



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