The World of Arda is an ancient and war-scarred world. However, it seems as though lasting dragonplace.jpgpeace has finally been reached with the formation grand council. The kingdoms now have a means of communicating and reaching conflict resolution through diplomatic strategies. The Goblins have not been seen outside of the Far Western Edge for centuries, and the Dwarves and Humans have finally come to a truce. Perhaps this, the 997th year of the 5th Era, is to be the beginning of the longest lasting period of peace the land has ever seen. Or perhaps it is the beginning of a time of tribulation.

Demon cults are on the rise, and it is rumored that the Dragons that once ruled the world are soon to return. A great rift in the ground has formed in the south, and some people fear it is an omen that the great Abyss will soon spew forth a new generation of dragons, more fierce than before.

There are no more heroes in the land. None like those who drove the dragons away and slayed the demons. They are all gone… and there is a great need for such heroes again.

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That Which is Forgotten

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