He Did What to the Cow?!

Back at Willy’s

Merric, Houdyn, and Fimbultyr walked in with Marco. Davven seperated from the group to practise his swings some more, and the Deva ran into them on the way to Dunmere.

“Yer back! Marco, my old friend!” Willy exclaimed as he embraced the gnome in a bear hug that seemed to engulf Marco’s whole body.

“Oh how I’ve missed you, Wilfred! Come tell me, is it true what they told me? Do you have… the cheese?” Marco said in his usual nervous tone.

Willy pulls out the cheese from a cupboard. “Magnificent, isn’t et?” the big man said as he handed the sample over to Marco.

“hmhm…” Houdyn cleared his throat loudly, “Can we get our money now?”

“Oh well… the thing is…erm… ah can’t reward yoo until ah can make tha cheese!” Willy explained in a nervous tone. “We need ingredients!”

“The first one I can tell just by smelling it.” Marco said, “We need a moon cow to get the milk! Now… The nearest mooncow I can think of should be at Baxton Manor just North of here. Do be cautious, though. Mr. Baxton is a strange man.”

To Baxton Manor!

So they ventured to the manor, stopping only to view a far off fort. Houdyn had to resist the urge to explore it closer, but he was persuaded to continue forward. When they arrived at the manor, they knocked on the front door, but there was no reply. When they ventured into the building they heard a grunting sound coming from the basement. There was an iron door in the basement, and when they asked who was in there, the sound ceased. After knocking several times, Merric took matters into his own hands and tried to pick the lock. Although, he was unsuccessful, he realized the lock was strangely shaped and the key would be easily recognizable. The group searched the house finding and swiping some gold. When a servant walked up to them, Houdyn tried to scare him into telling them where they key was. This resulted in the man running away, which was the last straw for the already frustrated Houdyn. He fired his Eldritch Blast into the man’s back, killing him. Suddenly the group was hit from behind and fell unconscious.

As they woke up, they found that their hands and ankles were bound and they had been thrown in a cell. The room was dark, but they could see a cow with a patch that resembled a crescent moon on it’s head. “There’s the cow! Let’s nab it and get out of here!” Fimbultyr suggested.

Merric retorted “Great plan! Only we’re not in the most advantageous position right now!”

They tried to scream as if they were dying, hoping a guard would come for them to ambush, but all they heard was a voice that wasn’t quite a man’s but not quite a woman’s, “Shut up, you! Mr. Baxton is resting, and you’ll disturb him. Don’t worry, you’ll each get your time with him…”

Houdyn looked in the cell. Next to a bed roll, he saw a skeleton laying on its back. He saw the finger was pointing to the wall. When his eyes followed it, he saw a loose brick! Merric had a dagger hidden in his vest and was able to untie everyone. When they removed the brick they found a note. It read:

“These guys are freaks! what they’ve done to me is unspeakable. The things they had the cow do to me are dispicable. I don’t want to live anymore, so I refuse to eat. If you are reading this, know that I snabbed the key from his trousers while he… had his way with the cow. It’s hidden in the pillow case. I only wish I had gotten it sooner. After what they did to me, I have no will to go on…”

“Wait… He did what to the cow?” Merric asked in a rather unpleasant tone.

They grabbed the key from the pillow case, and escaped the cell. They found their equipment on a desk, along with some treasures. They grabbed the cow and went out the cellar exit to the outside.

“I just want to forget whatever that was and get this cow to Willy.” Fimbultyr said what everyone else was thinking.

He Did What to the Cow?!

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