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Our World… Our Rules

This campaign is based on the rules and guidelines offered in the core books of 4e DnD. However, the beauty of the game is that these are not set in stone. That being said, there are several things that we have changed about our game to make it more enjoyable for us. Mechanically, We’ve changed very little. Lore wise, We took small pieces of what the books gave us, and added our own touches. Dnd-party.jpg

The gods are not as apparent in this world as the DnD core books. They are also not considered gods by all people. In fact, some don’t even believe they are real. There are as many beliefs as there are people.

The Races are a bit different as well. Tieflings have been removed as a race. We might include one perhaps as a single character with a special backstory that involves tainted spirits. Many of the relationships between races have been changed from the vanilla game as well.

Now here are some house rules

Player Information

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